Difinsa53™ with Silybin, a natural restorative lotion, is the ultimate booster for vitamins A, B and C

Vitamins A (retinol) and C (ascorbic acid), are the cornerstone of any effective anti-aging skin care regimen.

Unfortunately, Vitamins A and C often cause irritation, which can lead to less frequent use than is optimal.

Silybin, a botanical extract, formulated with niacinamide is a new, natural way to extend the effectiveness of your vitamin skincare.

Perfect for sensitive skin, Difinsa53™ with Silybin provides barrier repair and reduces irritation, allowing the use of irritating anti-aging products like vitamin A and C more frequently for better results.

We developed Difinsa53™ with Silybin and Vitamin B3 to protect skin in the most demanding medical environment, and discovered its extensive anti-aging benefits along the way. Your skin will immediately feel soothed and radiant.